after surgery my roommate blasted the AC

About three or four months ago I had to have surgery.

I have been having a problem for quite a number of years, and most doctors did not have a solution for me.

Then I discovered a surgeon at a specialty hospital in my state. He was willing to do surgery and was quite convinced it would help me with my problem. Unfortunately for me, my health insurance company denied this surgery. The doctors in my home city did not agree that it was medically necessary or even that it would help, so I had to pay out of pocket. I am really glad I did, though, because I have felt so much better since then. My biggest problem with surgery not being covered by my insurance was the fact that I had to have a roommate in the hospital. There were no private rooms available at a price I could afford. My roommate after surgery really annoyed me because she blasted the air conditioning like you would not believe. It was so freezing cold there that I simply could not get warm. I did not complain about the air conditioning very much, because I realize that different people prefer different AC settings. In fact, it was partly my fault because there was only one mini split air conditioner oh, and I gave her the remote control and told her to help herself to air-conditioned comfort. I was quickly sorry that I had been so generous, however. The nurse frequently brought me blankets that came straight from the blanket heater. I truly appreciated her for that. Eventually I got so sick of the AC that when they took my roommate away for a CAT scan, I needed to turn the remote control back on. I set the thermostat where I wanted it, and then I hid the remote under my pillow.

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