The bank was colder than the outside rapidly changing temperatures

I don’t love going into the bank unless it is really necessary.

I do all of our banking using the mobile app and the drive-thru.

Unfortunately, I had to go into the bank last Thursday. I wanted to option up some savings bonds for the adolescents for Christmas. The bank would not issue the savings bonds through the drive-thru. I parked our car in a space on the right side of the building. I was right next to a immense snow bank covered with mud and dirt. It was entirely frigid outside. I did not want to leave our car running, although I did not want to turn off the heat heater. I put on our sweater and walked into the bank. The rapidly changing temperatures inside of that bank were just as frigid as the rapidly changing temperatures outside. There was a sign on the door apologizing for the indoor temperature. Apparently the oil furnace in the bank was not toiling officially. When I was leaving the bank with our savings bonds, I saw a commercial Heating & A/C maintenance truck pulling into the parking lot of the bank. I assumed they were there to fix the complication and not to handle banking business. I did not stick around to see what they were doing. I had more errands to run that day. I still had to go to the craft store and the super center, and I needed to go downtown to the fabric store as well. I had a long list of chores to complete before the Christmas get together later that night at our home.


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