I am considering getting an old building and turning it into a b-and-b

When I was younger, one of my dreams was to own a bed and breakfast.

I actually enjoy cooking when there are people around to enjoy it.

One of the ways I show love is by cooking for people. If I cook a meal for you, you can be sure that I am either trying to impress you or I love you. Anyway, now that I am all grown up, so to speak, and six or seven years away from retirement, I am once again dreaming of getting an old building and turning it into a b and b. In fact, it is more than a dream at this point. I am seriously considering it. Also, this gorgeous old home has no central heating and cooling system. The only Heating and Cooling available in this home right now is the fireplace, portable heaters, and Window AC units. There is nothing wrong with window air conditioners, portable heaters, and of course the Ambiance of a fireplace is amazing. But, in this Southeastern part of the country, we need better air conditioning. And, the window AC units block the views of the beautiful gardens. This would mean that I would have to put in a brand new HVAC system into a historic home built In the early 1900s. My business consultant has suggested that I contact a reputable and expert HVAC consultant to determine exactly or at least approximately how much that would cost me. Because Victorian homes have lots of little corners and Cubbies we would need an HVAC system that brought modern Comfort 2 times of old. I think my best bet would probably be a high-velocity HVAC system, but time will tell.

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