The office staff and I complained for numerous weeks about the indoor temps

The office building where I work is entirely aged and decrepit.

  • The floors and the walls creak and make noises.

The building has poor insulation, during the Wintertide months, it is entirely hard to stay warm. During the summer time months, it’s even more difficult to stay comfortable. The a/c hasn’t worked well in 5 years. Every year it seems to become less and less efficient. This summer time both of us have had to endure rapidly changing temperatures inside of the office that are close to 77 degrees. It’s hard to focus on accounts, when I have beads of sweat dripping down the back of our neck. The indoor temps shouldn’t be that moderate if both of us are toiling inside instead of outside. Someone finally complained to the director and human resource department… No 1 listened to our complaints until a bulk of the staff started to enter the written complaints into the company’s system. When the executives saw all the complaints, they reached out to the director at this particular branch. It took numerous weeks of letters to the resource department before the director really did something about the indoor office rapidly changing temperatures. The guy called a commercial cooling company and they tested the air duct and the cooling components. To be honest, I don’t believe the service helped much at all. It still feels incredibly moderate inside of the building and the a/c barely helps. The property has been here for 77 years. There is no doubt in our mind that it is really time to install a equipment that is modern with the times.


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