High Velocity HVAC is great for her historic home upgrades

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when people who save historic homes and lived in turn of the nineteenth-century or even turn of the 20th century homes had to figure out ways to be comfortable in their new home.

  • They would have to put in window AC units and somehow try to make it look good from the outside or else incur the Wrath of the historic Home Society.

They would have to use space heaters because there was no way to put Modern Heating in the home. They would suffer drafty spaces and super hot spaces because Central Heating and Cooling was just not a thing that was allowed or even possible in a historic home. nowadays, though, historic home upgrades with high velocity HVAC is an actual thing. So if you are a lover of both older homes and Modern Heating and Cooling comfort, you can actually consider going ahead and purchasing that historic home without fear of being unable to have reasonable Comfort through your HVAC system. High Velocity HVAC has tiny little AC air vents in the floor or ceiling, really small diameter ductwork, And great efficiency. It is now estimated that about half a million American homes have high velocity HVAC systems. If you have an older home, and you have finally decided to get modern comfort, you can rest assured that High Velocity HVAC is easy to install. You will not have to tear up your beautiful architectural details. Similarly, High Velocity HVAC won’t ruin the look of your home. Additionally, You can rest assured that you will finally be comfortable in your historic home.

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