My back felt love it was tearing by the time I finished working on the gas furnace.

Throughout the years, I have found many instances in which my six-foot 7 inch frame has been a bother.

I don’t mind it when people see me and ask me how the weather is up there.

I don’t care when people ask me if I shoot hoops, although I hate the game. The only time I have ever actually been annoyed by being tall is when I have to maintain a gas furnace. I am an HVAC technician, and I enjoy my work, but occasionally, I don’t like working on gas furnaces. A few weeks ago, I was contacted for an emergency repair. When I arrived at the house, the owner of the home looked me up and down and shook her head. She told me this would not be an easy task, but she did not elaborate further. When she showed me to the basement, I visibly winced. The ceiling was a mere six feet high. I not only had to hunch over, but figure out how to position myself around the gas furnace. It had been crammed into the corner of the basement, and it was super dark in there. Maybe repairing the gas furnace wouldn’t have been so awful if I could’ve seen what I was doing. Not only could I not see it very well, I just couldn’t position myself comfortably to work on it effectively. I ended up having to call out another HVAC technician to come out and repair the gas furnace instead.
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