The air conditioner was broken

I took a couple of days off from managing the eating establishment, and normally, I work 7days a week from open to close, because I own the restaurant, however my partner had been asking me to take some time off so we could go away for our anniversary, and I complied.

When we got back the following Friday, I had to go to the restaurant, and I opened the doors when a blast of heat hit me in the face, And I knew there was a problem with the air conditioning! The first thing I did was call the heating and a/c corporation. I then called my restaurant manager to see if he knew there was a problem? He told me he was about three blocks away from the eating establishment, and he would stop and talk to me. When he got there, he told me the air conditioning equipment had been broken for several days. This meant the air conditioner broke the day after we left to go on the trip, and no one had notified me, however he said he knew he had it on the list to call me, however as hectic as the restaurant had been, he must’ve forgotten. How could anyone have an restaurant full of buyers and forget that there is no air conditioning? I made a mental note that was mentioned out loud, that maybe I should not just call the heating and a/c corporation, however that I should start looking for a new restaurant manager. He was not happy with the comment I made, but he understood. He headed back inside to call the heating and a/c corporation and told them they were already on the way! We were lucky we didn’t lose our business or product because of a lack of air conditioning.

Air conditioning maintenance