Watching the show from the audience

My wife was always talking about how she went to NY city to see Broadway shows and plays.

I knew she hadn’t been back since we got married, and I wanted to give her the perfect birthday gift.

I ordered tickets to what was supposed to be an amazing musical and got a hotel for 2 nights. I handed her the envelope with all the information, on the night of her birthday, and first she looked at the theatre tickets and then at me! She did this multiple times before the tears flowed. Over the next 10 minutes, she looked at the tickets, hugged me and finally murmured something that sounded like I love you, however it was said through tears again. They did not disappoint us with our hotel, however we were disappointed when we got to the theater. There was no air conditioner. With a couple hundred people sitting inside, you absolutely needed air conditioner. The two of us could feel the heat from the lights of the stage coming at us. I could hear people scrambling around backstage, despite the fact that I didn’t know what was happening. I excused myself and headed toward the side doors that would lead to the stage. There was a gentleman standing, and he would not let me in. I told him ‌I was a heating and a/c serviceman. I was pretty sure I could get the air conditioner running before the end of the first act. He said thank you and that most people were frustrated without AC. He then told me that if I could repair the AC, he would get me tickets for any show that night.


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