They should have got a new HVAC system

For the last 5 years, we have been putting all the church’s donations into our new church fund.

  • The church we have been using was old and needed more replacing than what it would cost for a new building.

We finally had enough money to put into the new church fund and make all the replacements we had been praying for, and one of the greatest replacements was the Heating and A/C system. For years, we had been dealing with heating that came on in the summer, and air conditioning that came on in the winter. The one thing the elders were not ready to replace was the Heating and A/C system. They had the minister prepared to argue that we should keep the old Heating and A/C idea and just have repairs done to it! My partner was anxious that she couldn’t talk the elders out of reusing the old Heating and A/C system. As soon as the meeting progressed, my partner was getting more aggravated, however she said really little, and she didn’t want her brother, the minister, to get angry. The church is now completely renovated, however we were still dealing with poor Heating and A/C! Last week, we invited my partner’s sister over for her anniversary breakfast. Her fiance commented on how nice the church looked. My partner noted that when they rebuilt the church, they should have purchased a new Heating and A/C system, to which her sister told him she wasn’t the one handling the money, so I was afraid it was going to end up bad. Her fiance grabbed her arm and told her to be nice or they were heading back to the parsonage. She told my partner they already ordered the new Heating and A/C idea and they would give it and install it in early fall.


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