The school needs air conditioning

They built our elementary school in the mid-seventies, and it did not have air conditioning installed at the time.

Even though there had been numerous upgrades done over the years, they had never added air conditioning.

Last year, the school district wanted to demolish the old elementary school and build a new one. They started having parent meetings to get their input on what we wanted in the school, security was the first and most foremost on our list. The first thing on the list was the new Heating and A/C system in the school With temperature change, and where we were living, air conditioning was a necessity. School no longer closed in May, however was open until mid-June. This was almost three weeks of school that extended into the Summer months. For the last 10 years, people have been grumbling about there not being air conditioning for their children. When we had our meeting last week, and the subject of the cost of air conditioning came up, some of the people sat there and said nothing. I wasn’t sure if they agreed the cost was too much or if they were too annoyed to say something, but my partner stood up and said that if the cost is the only thing keeping the school district from putting in quality air conditioning, he would donate his time for the replacement. One supervisor asked if he wanted to donate the Heating and A/C equipment? No one was happy with this response, and they met it with boos and jeers. I’m hoping the supervisor was joking because if not, he may wake up to find that his own air conditioning device is missing, just to see how he felt about not having it.

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