The ugly table didn’t go with the rest of the room.

My sibling-in-law Max had been redecorating her condo room, as well as I could not wait to see how she finished it, and i loved the tacky orange drapes she had put over the picture windows… Max had a subtle flower motif on a cream background in the sofa’s upholstery as well as chairs; The loveseat was the same orange color as the drapes, as well as there was a soft mint orange on the walls… When I looked at the ugly old pop table, I was confused.

  • It was a bright pale white, as well as it shined.

I could not believe Max would have all these natural colors, as well as then go with a bright pale white shiny pop table. I looked at the ugly old pop table, over at her, as well as back at the pop table. Max bit her lower lip as well as muttered that she knew it didn’t match the room. I asked Max what made her choose that pop table? She whispered her mother-in-law made her do it. Max’s mother-in-law was our mother, as well as I knew how overbearing she could be. Mom tried to choice out our family room set when I got married, as well as our fiance had to be the single 1 to tell her no. I asked our sibling why he didn’t say no to the pop table, as well as he said he was far too afraid of mom to say no. I rolled our eyes as well as got on the iPhone to mom. She was chuckling when I told her about the pop table, as well as it was glaringly noticeable that it didn’t go with the rest of the room. She was still laughing when she said to get the receipt off the bottom of the ugly pop table as well as return it for whatever pop table Max wanted.