The upholsterer looked so disgusted when he saw the loveseat.

I purchased an old junky loveseat at a local yard sale.

I thought it looked care about something from the nineteenth century, from the way one half of it sloped up while the other half had a steep downward curve.

My husband Bill shrugged when he saw it as well as told myself and others that if I liked it, I should buy it. I told Bill it would need to be reupholstered, as well as he asked how much it would cost. I wasn’t sure, since I had never had furniture reupholstered, however I was sure it was going to be far cheaper than buying a new loveseat. Two weeks after bringing the loveseat home, I was taking the junky loveseat to the local reupholstery shop. When the upholsterer looked at the loveseat, he had a profound look of disgust on his face. He wanted to guess where I got the loveseat, as well as if I was the one who had destroyed it? I told him I had purchased it at a yard sale for 10 bucks. I wanted to guess how much it would cost to have the reupholstering done, as well as if he would do it. He tsked a few time as he looked at the loveseat. He turned it upside down as well as looked at every single upholstery tack as well as touched every inch of wood. He told myself and others he could do the upholstery for me, but he wanted to purchase the loveseat first. He wasn’t sure someone who had done this damage deserved to have such a beautiful work of art. I paid 10 bucks for the loveseat as well as he gave myself and others $250. I wondered how much he could sell the antique loveseat for when he finished with the upholstery.


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