My friend works at a HVAC corporation

I didn’t know that my friend Sandra was working at the HVAC supplier till I went in last year to buy a smart temperature control.

She knew everything about them and was able to hook me up with the right one for our needs. She also helped me program it and now I am all set in our flat and don’t have to worry about changing the temperature any more. I am going to treat her to breakfast one evening for her help as well as we can also play some music because she plays the ukulele as well as I happen to have one in our area. I want to see if she knows anything about HEPA filters because I have been using the cheap 1s as well as want to switch to a washable HEPA so our air quality improves as well as I stop tossing out the aged filters. I’m not sure if they sell those types at her work, but I’ll see what she says. I am going to go for a swim in a few hours before the sunshine gets too strong because it is summer now as well as the rays are pretty intense. I prefer to stay out of the sunshine between 11am as well as 4pm in the summer as I have had skin cancer removed from our face a few too several times. It is 9:30am as well as it is already heating up out there a lot. I have our air conditioning on as well as our flat is nice as well as cool as well as I am grateful for that. I think this week is going to hit 100F out there.

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