Trying to have a positive mindset

I have a legitimately cool life here. All that is missing is that lady who fills my heart with like and joy. I’ll find her again, I just need to keep a positive mindset and it’ll all fall into location. I broke up with my lady six weeks ago because it just wasn’t now working anymore and have been on my own since. I needed some time alone to reuse from the breakup but now I am feeling my heart opening again, so it is just a matter of time till I find someone to like again. The HVAC corporation where I work has a pretty lady that comes in once in a while who I would like to meet although I am too shy to talk to her. I guess it’ll just pan out the way it is supposed to without me trying to force myself on her. She comes in every few weeks to buy a HEPA filter so maybe I’ll see her next time she comes in. I don’t even guess if she is married as I never looked at her left hand to see if there was a ring there. I’ll just keep plugging away with selling A/C equipment and programming smart temperature controls for people and life will unfold how it is supposed to. I’m not in a mad rush to meet someone, which is nice, because being desperate is not a good thing for finding someone. Maybe I won’t see her again at the A/C corporation but instead see her on the beach or somewhere else. Time will tell.
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