Being True to My Own Spirit

That is the epitaph written on Jim Morrison’s grave and I admire him for following his hearts wishes but know that he was also a tortured soul who couldn’t take the pain.

I guess being exposed to your heart’s feelings like that also connects you with the dark feelings, which can drive you mad if you let them take over your thoughts.

I guess that is what happened to Jim as he never made it past year 27. I guess if he wasn’t a singer and just worked as a clerk at a local business he would still have the same thoughts swirling in his head. I am just an HVAC industry writer and am nothing like Morrison but I can understand the pain of loneliness and feeling like there is no way out from the constant thoughts in the mind. I do a lot of meditation to quiet the thoughts though, which seems to help a lot. I like to stay busy at the HVAC company working with customers and their HVAC equipment problems. I feel happier when I am connected to people like this and really appreciate the HVAC techs I work with. We have a good chemistry between the five of us who work at the cooling and heating store and also have a lot of fun while we are there. Most of the HVAC techs have been there for over ten years and have become the best of friends. I enjoy my time there and hope that I can make it ten years at the same place with those guys.

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