Skilled HVAC units are desperately needed

Skilled HVAC technicians are desperately needed in the field.

I own a local cooling and heating company that runs on successful HVAC technicians.

The variable foundation and stability of my cooling and heating company relies on skilled men and women who can fix just about any air conditioner furnace on their own. Unfortunately over the last few years we are lacking skilled cooling specialists and heating technicians. Many youngsters want to get a job as an HVAC technician without doing any of the work it takes to learn how to be an HVAC technician. Many young people don’t even want to go through an apprenticeship to learn how to fix air conditioners and furnaces. I often send out hiring opportunities to local colleges that have training courses for HVAC technicians. It makes me very happy to find someone who is willing to work hard to learn a skill for knowledge of furnaces, air purifiers, heat pumps, and different kinds of air conditioners. To fix the shortage of skilled local service men and HVAC technicians, I decided to start my own course that was significantly cheaper than colleges. This course would teach a thorough knowledge of heating, air conditioning, air ductwork, and air purification systems. Person finished the courses they would go on a one year on the job training course where they would be paid to work as an apprentice with one of my more experienced HVAC technicians. After finishing the apprenticeship and the courses they would be hired immediately by my cooling and heating company as local service men.



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