My grandmother nearly suffered from a heat stroke

My Grandma almost had a heat stroke last Summer when her air conditionings all stopped working at once… Then we thought it was odd when both of us got the call from Grandma who told us that her central air basket was not working at all.

Grandma called me because I am an experienced HVAC worker and have diagnosed every kind of air conditioning you can guess of.

When I arrived I went right to the smart thermostat… Before I took the central air conditioning apart, I figured I’d check the wireless thermostat to see if it detected any troubles with the air conditioning unit. The thermostat said that there was a concern with the electrical work, so I went outside and took apart the central air conditioning. I was interested to see that someone had cut some of the electrical lines in the air conditioning unit. I soldered the wires back together, however discovered that there was some heating and cooling component missing that was essential for the HVAC equipment to work. I purchased the heating and cooling component from our local cooling and heating company and filed a report at the police station. I believed that someone had purposely cut the wire’s in Grandma’s central air conditioning and took the missing heating and cooling equipment. It made me sick to think of a lady who would steal HVAC units from a elderly lady in the middle of summer! A few days later, the police found the girl who had the missing heating and cooling equipment. This girl had actually stolen portable space heaters, and window air conditionings.

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