Commercial cooling systems are different from residential units

It happened again, for the umpteenth time this summer.

The cooling system at my work broke down in the middle of the day! I don’t know about you, but I need quality air conditioning so that I can be comfortable while I work.

At first, the building was fine, but then the air got warmer, it got heavier. So, after about an hour with no air conditioning, my boss sent us home. I was glad about that, but also concerned about the air conditioning at work. The heating and cooling business had just been there recently, and they fixed the component that was leaking and not cooling. We had the entire system replaced a couple of years ago, so we shouldn’t be having these problems this soon. I think the system was new, but I can’t be sure; I was not involved with the purchase, but commercial heating and cooling systems are different from the residential units. For one thing, the units are much larger because they cool much larger spaces, and most of these units are placed on the roof of the building. Also, commercial air conditioners produce more condensation, and need a larger drainage system. Finally, commercial systems are more complex and require highly technical heating and cooling repair workers to perform the installation and maintenance. So, I’m sure the new component that was installed was done correctly, which means we shouldn’t have the cooling system broken twice in a short period. I hope they are able to fix it soon, but for now, I don’t mind working from home. At least my air conditioner is reliable.

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