My mother has an air cleaner and an air quality meter

My mom is a germaphobe, and prior to COVID, she was paranoid about catching viruses from others.

So, you can only imagine how paranoid she was during the pandemic, she stayed home all the time.

I tried numerous times to encourage her to go walking in the park with me, but she refused, for no good reason behind it. So, after a while, I stopped asking and allowed her to ride the crisis out the way she wanted to. Well, now that things are re-opening, she has been getting out of the house more frequently. She finally went to the grocery store, after months of having her supplies delivered. Don’t get me wrong, she is still super cautious; she wears a mask, and wipes down all her groceries. At home, he has taken additional measures as well. She purchased a new air cleaner and an air quality meter; Prior to the pandemic he had an air cleaner, but it didn’t use the HEPA filter. So, she wanted to replace it to get the best product on the market. The air quality in her home is already clean even without these devices. I think she changes her temperature every day, and my mom is the only person I know who cleans her vents every other day. She has also had her ductwork cleaned twice in the last 5 years, which is something that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t really recommend. But I refuse to argue with her, because if this is what she wants to do to be safe, I will just let it be.


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