Things we can do to help the environment

Increasingly, people are becoming aware of the destruction we are causing to the environment.

I just recently studied an article about how it takes those single-use coffee cups 20 to 30 years to decompose. All this time, I believed that these throw-away cups could be recycled, but they’re not, because of the plastic lining used inside the cups. And let’s not even mention those dreaded styrofoam cups, that take 500 years to finally break down. To put this into perspective, each year, we throw out over 50 billion coffee cups in the United States. That’s spine-chilling. So, why am I rambling on about coffee cups? Well, it’s because we can all do something small to reduce our carbon footprint. There are four ways we can help – the topics are the food we eat, consumption of items, transportation and household energy. By far, energy use in our homes is a major factor in raising the CO2 footprint. Every day, we run many appliances in our home; when they become inefficient, they consume extra energy. In looking at our heating and cooling systems, which are the largest consumers of residential energy, we think if there is bad insulation and lack of service it will lose its efficiency – hence the reason heating and cooling systems experts stress the importance of regular maintenance. A well-inspected heating and cooling systems component that has wash filters, and wash coils will work a lot better in cooling and heating your home. Further, it will also save you money. So, let’s save the environment by reducing cups and getting our HVAC units maintained each year.

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