My HVAC specialist has retired

Call me crazy when I say this, but when I find someone that performs good service, I refuse to trust anyone else! For instance, I have been going to the same nail specialist for 10 years now.

Thankfully, they are still working there- the same for my hairstylist, personal trainer, and more.

I have kept the same people for over five years. I don’t deal well with change. In fact, going through changes frustrates me, but I do understand that change is inevitable and constant. Recently, however, I had to change heating and cooling systems professionals, when John, my trusted repair guy, retired after 30 years. Replacing him was a process! I have used him for the last 15 years, and he performed the best HVAC service. Over those years, I have never had any major problems with my unit. When I first purchased it, John installed it and has been working on it ever since. So, yes, I was upset when I needed to switch to someone else. John was kind enough to suggest a new HVAC specialist to me. He said he personally knows this guy, and he has been in the business for about 10 years. While I am still a bit hesitant to use a new HVAC service contractor, I am delighted he got the stamp of approval from John. Just in case, I did go online and looked at his shopper ratings, and to my surprise, they were even higher than I expected!

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