All of the companies are going out of business

Since the pandemic, there has been a huge recession.

  • It is more than a couple of years later and we have seen my number of companies come as well as go.

Both of us can’t say that both of us are surprised by all of these severe changes. We choose to stay afloat even if the rest of the economy is increasing in price. I did not believe that I would ever see that heating and cooling industry suffering. I have seen several heating as well as AC repair companies shut down in multiple years and this is tough for everyone of us to understand. Temperature changes and climatizations have forced their weather changes to be completely wild. People are using the AC throughout the entire year instead of just the summer. I have multiple friends and multiple family members that complain about the taxes and the challenging part of supply and demand that is part of the heating and AC industry. The largest heating as well as AC repair companies get all of the bigger jobs and small privately owned companies have to wait. Heating as well as AC repair companies thrive on referrals as well as customer service. When you make a plan to have a customer wait for a long time, this is just the type of problem that can lead to a much bigger issue down the road. That’s when you have to worry about your business shutting down and how you will feed your family becomes an issue.

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