The AC has been problematic for weeks

Both of us live in a place where hurricanes strike each year during the summer months.

My family and I have experienced this many times and it feels love the first time when an up-to-date storm comes and knocks out the power.

One thing I detest the most is losing the AC unit on a day when we don’t have any power either. When we don’t have the AC unit during Hurricane season, it is incredibly tepid and also very humid outside. My mom and dad have a generator and they can even plug in multiple fans if the AC unit stops entirely working but both of us really need to be mindful of the frequency in which we use them. When conditions outside are safe, both of us love to kneel out in the post storm weather as opposed to staying in the house without the ac. The experience of losing power and dealing with a storm is a problem that can easily cause some problems for some people. This frightening experience happens every single year. Both of us are ecstatic when we see the workers coming up and also down the street in order for the power to be running. Everything seems peaceful when the storm is over and we can turn on the power and the AC unit at the same time. I entirely guess in this and have even begun to read peace and meditation which will allow me to better understand my moods throughout the day as well as the rest of the evening.


Heating technician