Can I get modular dining rooms for our BBQ contest?

Our church was having a BBQ cookoff to make some money to help with their children’s fund; They put out a call to all parishioners to get as several contestants as possible, when every one of us hit the twenty contestant marked, every one of us knew had to have a few dining rooms open. Some of our contestants had their own BBQ units, and they didn’t go to a contest without them, but other needed a portable dining room. The people I was with and I called numerous rental companies and asked if they carried portable dining rooms. One guy told us they had modular dining rooms that would be perfect for a BBQ contest; He asked if they had their own BBQ grills, which all but two people had, and they were bringing their lake house BBQ grills. The modular dining rooms were set up away from the picnic pavilions, so the smoke of the smokers and BBQ grill didn’t irritate anyone’s eyes.They charged $50 to enter, and you got all you could eat; It was $10 for most people to come and taste all the BBQ and side dishes their stomachs could hold. The people I was with and I ended up with 20 contestants and almost a thoUSAnd people lining up to eat throughout the afternoon. People were enjoying eating the food and casting their votes, for which BBQ they liked the best. Our judges thought they had never had better BBQ at other contests, and they enjoyed the sides. The contest boiled down to only 1 winner, and he was the minister of the church and his fiance, although some people thought it was a set up so the church didn’t need to lose any money, it was real. 65% of all visitors chose his BBQ over the others and there was nothing but numbers on the entries.

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