We both need cold air

I felt bad for our baby sibling when the two of us were younger.

  • At 1 point, I thought he was going to die because he was having such awful breathing issues.

My parents constantly told him to stay inside & rest so that he could reclaim. I encouraged him to go outside & play games so he didn’t have to be irritated & end up dying. I noticed that he did so much better when he was outside & getting sunshine. I wasn’t exactly sure why he seemed better outside back then, I just knew what I saw & that was that he seemed almost normal when he was outside; not sick & irritated. Well, I didn’t entirely understand what was going on with our sibling until our uncle came to visit. I had to surrender our kitchen for a few weeks & I ended up sleeping in our sibling’s room. I started developing breathing issues too & it really scared me. Of course, that’s when I realized the complication had to be in his room! I explained this to our parents & then our father ended up checking the Heating & A/C vents. There was so much mold growing inside of there! Also, there were all kinds of rotten plums & old moldy sandwiches inside of there as well. It’s unusual that nobody caught on to this sooner, I just thought our sibling’s room had some bad natural smell, I never thought there was mold growing in the air duct system. Our father called the Heating & A/C company to have the air duct plan cleaned. Our sibling had a strong reclaimy after that was done!