My truck AC isn't working at all now

During the last couple of weeks, I have noticed some problems with the AC in my truck.

I’ve had to run the AC on the maximum setting, or the air isn’t very cold.

I knew it was likely a problem that needed to be addressed, but I didn’t have the money to take the truck to the dealership for repairs. Yesterday, the air conditioner finally stopped working altogether. I was sitting at a red light in traffic, when the air conditioner made a strange noise. It sounded like a popping noise. The air stopped running very abruptly. Nothing was coming out of the vents at all, not hot or cold air. I contacted a place that handles AC repairs for cars and trucks. The owner of the business advised me to bring the car down to the shop for an evaluation. I didn’t have any other option after the air conditioner stopped all together. I wasn’t going to use the money in my savings account to fix the air conditioner, but I didn’t have any choice after it stopped working completely. Thankfully for me, the problem turned out to be a $300 repair instead of something that was much more extensive. The car was in the shop all day. When I picked up the car later that day, all of the issues were fixed and the air conditioner was blowing cold air just like it was when I bought the car brand new. I also got a ninety day warranty on the repair. If anything goes wrong from now until then, they will fix the problem at no cost to me at all.

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