AC in the cottage

When you are a teenager with no money, you have to get creative about taking a trip, however my pals & I had a fantastic system to go up to the lake for a few afternoons, but the two of us brought all the beer, weed, & food the two of us would need to get crazy away from the prying eyup of adults, but since the two of us could not afford to rent a cottage, the two of us just waited until the off-season, when the two of us knew all the rental cottages would be empty for numerous months.

When the time was right the two of us drove to the lake & simply broke into 1 of the cottages to use it, & no 1 would ever know. Right away the two of us noticed that the cottage didn’t have air conditioning, & thought that might present an issue. My buddy Ronny had another idea, & he took me to recon the other cottages in the area. There was only 1 cottage on the lake that came with an air conditioning, & it was 1 of the small 1s mounted in a window sill. The two of us went back to the group & put it to a vote – should the two of us switch cottages to have access to a/c or just steal the air conditioning & bring it to this cottage? The two of us debated which option was more illegal, because breaking & entering is 1 thing but stealing an air conditioning might be considered a felony. The two of us decided to transfer all our gear, & chop into the air conditioned cottage instead. It was absolutely eillega, but the two of us wound up having a fantastic time & never got into trouble over it.
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