New jobs in HVAC

I have to admit that I went a long time separate from having any Heating and A/C professionals helping myself and others with our heating and cooling maintenance.

I remember when I lived in our own apartment, I lived with roommates and the people I was with and I never called any Heating and A/C professionals.

All of us didn’t even call the property owner to see if he would send anybody out to labor on the Heating and A/C equipment. I suppose that was a bad habit from the certainly start of living on our own. I have lived in several odd apartments and the only thing I ever did was change the air filters for the Heating and A/C unit because I didn’t like having awful air quality. When I was in our last rental house, I was glad living there for several years, however of course, I started experiencing problems with the cooling unit and it was on such a tepid day. I was so distraught about the cooling unit splitting down that I called the Heating and A/C dealer. The Heating and A/C worker was certainly distraught about the situation because he kept saying all this could have been avoided. He asked when was the last time I went for an Heating and A/C tune-up. I suppose that was a rhetorical question because when I tried to answer, he said it seemed like it hadn’t been done in years! I finally explained it wasn’t our house, just a rental and it was the property owner who was supposed to be keeping up with the maintenance. He said I still should have taken some responsibility for taking care of the Heating and A/C equipment. Still, the repair bill for the Heating and A/C was sent directly to the property owner and taken out of our rent.

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