Got to go!

Max came into labor late again this week.

I have already had a sit-down meeting with him twice about his behavior on the task, and I may have no option but to let him go.

This breaks our heart, truly it does, because Max has been with myself and others since the certainly start… He was our first full time employee, and for ten years I have been able to rely on him. After his divorce, Max started drinking much more heavily than usual. He was regularly a drinker, but these days he is taking it too far, and it reflects poorly on our Heating and A/C dealer. As of yet he has not gotten any complaints from any of our Heating and A/C shoppers, although I think it’s just a matter of time. My Heating and A/C business is licensed and bonded, but all it would take is one incident from a drunken employee and I could lose it all. Heating and cooling repair labor is certainly delicate and detailed, which means a drunk guy could absolutely inflict a thoUSAnd dollars worth of disfigure trying to repair a ten-dollar problem. Also there is the matter of him drinking and driving in the Heating and A/C labor van; Not only could that get him arrested, despite the fact that he could hurt someone, at which point the cops would seize our Heating and A/C labor van as evidence. This week has to be the day I talk to Max and tell him to quit drinking, or quit the Heating and A/C dealer, because he is becoming a liability. I want him to get help, because our Heating and A/C business wouldn’t be the same separate from him.