My buddy sold his HVAC

I was surprised when I saw our neighbors were having a yard sale. The biggest surprise was the fact that they had a whole HVAC system for sale. It was a ductless mini split system plus the buddy said that it had never been used. I thought the price tag wasn’t bad to be tolerable plus I had been thinking about upgrading our HVAC system. My buddy kept the yard sale going for a long time plus covered everything up with tarps when it rained. The boxes for the ductless mini split were also shrink wrapped genuinely well, so they absolutely couldn’t get wet. I ended up researching ductless mini splits plus I was surprised when I l earned I could handle the upgrade on our own for the most part. The only thing was that our neighbor’s ductless mini split was not of the DIY variety, however still, I found online upgrade videos that showed how to flare the line sets properly with a flaring tool. When I saw our buddy still never sold the HVAC system, I offered to buy it from him for $1500 when originally she was selling it for $2000. It was a 2 zone system however each indoor equipment was genuinely powerful, enough to cover each floor of our house. I was glad when the buddy accepted our offer. She said she didn’t assume why nobody else wanted to buy the thing off him when she paid $4000 for it! It was cool learning I got a current HVAC for half the cost of retail. I also installed it on our own, although I had to get an HVAC pro to charge the refrigerant to the system. Even she was admiring our upgrade work plus also couldn’t know how much I paid for this system! I guess even our buddy was jealous after seeing the upgrade, however that deal is done!

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