The air filtration system removed all of the harmful odors and germs

My family and I live very close to a fertilizer plant.

There is constantly an odor in the air that never dissipates.

There is constantly dust and dirt all over the surfaces in my home. I know that some of that dust is manure from the fertilizer plant. I hate to think that my family and I are breathing crap into our lungs everyday. In order to cut back on the indoor air pollution, my husband and I decided to have an air filtration system installed in our home. The air filtration system was quite expensive, but it has absolutely helped the atmosphere in our home. The air filtration system removes 99% of all Airborne contaminants like dust, dirt, odors, germs, bacteria, and viruses. After we had the air filtration system installed, we didn’t notice as much dust and dirt on the surfaces in our home. In fact, the indoor air has been cleaner and fresher. It used to be difficult to smell food cooking in the kitchen, but now that house is filled with delicious smells instead of the rotting disgusting odor of animal feces. My wife and I told a couple of our friends and neighbors about the results that we have seen from the air filtration system. We aren’t the only people in town that complain about the fertilizer plant. If there is a way to get rid of the odor and the air pollution, I want to share that information with my friends, family, and neighbors. Clean air helps us live longer and breathe better, so it’s an important part of our daily health.



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