The eviction on the heater

I sincerely was surprised when I l earned that our Grandmother was given an eviction notice at her apartment.

It’s crazy because she never caused any problems with the neighbors plus she didn’t make a lot of noise or anything.

The only issue I could find out was the fact that our Grandmother was late with paying rent a few times. I ended up helping her find a lawyer plus the girl was severely helpful. She rapidly pointed out that the eviction that was given was not legally valid since it didn’t explain the reason for the eviction or even deliver a time-frame in which to leave the building. The proprietor ended up taking our Grandmother to court plus the judge l earned that the house absolutely wasn’t providing heating. My poor Grandmother had to use a couple of portable heating systems just to keep the house warm. She said some nights she thought she was going to freeze, although she had a lot of blankets over her all the time. She said the utility bills were so expensive, she had to spend our savings her rent late a few times plus the proprietor refused to fix the gas furnace when she asked a couple of unusual times. It was determined by the court that the proprietor had to reimburse our Grandmother for not only the heating costs however the emotional disfigures plus suffering she had to endure which came to around $20,000 to be paid to our Grandmother immediately. I know this whole thing backfired on the proprietor plus she was miserable. My Grandmother didn’t want to live in that shabby outdated house anymore anyway, especially after this ordeal so I helped her get into a nice rental house with a quality HVAC system.
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