She wanted her old HVAC

A few years ago I had an employee named Ben, and ben was a absolutely smart guy, however genuinely inexperienced. She didn’t see this as a work, just a job to work until she found something better. Much to the surprise of all of us at the business, Ben found something much better in the form of 1 of our customers. This genuinely rich, plus much older, woman, decided she liked Ben. She quit her job on the spot plus became a “kept man” for a cougar. Talk about hitting the lottery! This girl had only been an HVAC tech for 2 weeks plus she stumbled into being rich plus pampered. I didn’t see Ben for a few years, until recently when she came into the shop looking for her outdated HVAC tech job back. It turns out that Ben was just a passing fancy, plus after 5 years the older woman dumped him for an electrician. Ben thought she could just get a current uniform plus go back to being an HVAC tech however that was not the case at all. She had genuinely little experience to begin with, plus over the last 5 years there had been various amazing advances in HVAC technology. If she wanted to come back to work for myself and others she needed to take a few HVAC classes at the community university to get caught up. Being an HVAC professional is not like being a fry cook or a bus driver, here the job is typically evolving, as the people I was with and I try to keep up with the constant updates in HVAC equipment.

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