The HVAC professional I called said I had to take some responsibility

I have to admit that I went a long time without having any HVAC professionals helping me with my heating and cooling maintenance.

  • I remember when I lived in my own apartment, I lived with roommates and we never called any HVAC professionals.

We didn’t even call the landlord to see if he would send anybody out to work on the HVAC equipment. I guess that was a bad habit from the very beginning of living on my own. I have lived in many different apartments and the only thing I ever did was change the air filters for the HVAC equipment because I didn’t like having poor air quality. When I was in my last rental house, I was happy living there for many years. Of course, I started experiencing troubles with the cooling equipment and it was on such a hot day. I was so worried about the cooling equipment breaking down that I called the HVAC company. The HVAC worker was very upset about the situation because he kept saying all this could have been avoided. He asked when was the last time I went for an HVAC tune-up. I guess that was a rhetorical question because when I tried to answer, he said it seemed like it hadn’t been done in years! I finally explained it wasn’t my house, just a rental and it was the landlord who was supposed to be keeping up with the maintenance. He said I still should have taken some responsibility for taking care of the HVAC equipment. Still, the repair bill for the HVAC was sent directly to the landlord and taken out of my rent.

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