The ductless mini split was a major comfort in the end

My grandfather was always a happy and energetic person.

  • He had his own farm for a long time and he even had orchards before the property taxes went out of control.

Eventually, he was forced to sell a lot of his land, but that didn’t stop him from being a very pleasant person for the duration of his life. He had a small farm which he was able to grow a lot of food and he regularly donated food to the community! He also raised goats and he had customers who would buy the goat milk and people would also come to buy fresh eggs from the chickens. He worked hard too, especially with splitting wood for the winter season. He had a beautiful fireplace that we enjoyed relaxing around whenever we would go visit. He also had a wood burning stove that was connected to the ductwork system. I honestly couldn’t believe how well that wood burning stove worked so long as wood was loaded into the thing regularly. The heating was always pleasant in the cold season, but eventually my grandfather was too old. I told him he should probably invest in a modern heating system so he didn’t have to kill himself by splitting wood all the time and loading it into the fireplace and the wood burning stove. He eventually decided to have the HVAC experts install a ductless mini split system which was a total game changer. He was saving bigtime on his energy bills and he loved how he could adjust the temperature control settings differently in each location of his home. He lived mostly in comfort until the day he passed away.

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