We shared a cappuccino and a danish

I got a divorce from my husband about 2 years ago.

I haven’t really dated much at all since the divorce.

I was hoping to get back out in the dating scene, so I joined a couple of online websites. I browsed the dating sites for several days before I found someone interesting that I felt was worth messaging. The guy named Jack I had a really good smile and dark blue eyes. His profile caught my eye, because he is an HVAC repairman. My dad worked as a furnace repairman for 30 years before he retired. I instant messaged that guy and a couple of hours later, he sent me a direct message as well. The two of us started talking frequently. We talked on the phone and used direct messenger. When Jack mentioned getting together in person for a real date, I was extremely nervous. I was very worried that Jack would be disappointed when he saw me in real life. I thought it might be best to meet somewhere in public first. Last Wednesday, we decided to meet for lunch at one of my favorite bagel and coffee shops. We shared a cappuccino and a Danish. Jack was taking a short break from his day of repairs so he could meet with me. He looked very handsome in his HVAC repair uniform. I really loved talking with Jack and the conversation was easy and relaxing. We sat and talked for an hour, and then Jack had to leave to respond to an emergency air conditioner repair. We still had a really nice time meeting and we made plans to get together again very soon.

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