If I had a gym membership before surgery I would have recovered better

Recently I had to have surgery, and my recovery was difficult.

I have had a number of gym memberships over the years. I have never been one to actually go to the gym, though. There was only one time. Of my life where I really enjoyed going to the gym. There was a tiny little gym where I had my gym membership, and it was all women. It was also extremely close to my house. Sometimes I would go there and there would be women in their curlers. Sometimes, they would even be in a bathrobe. It was so incredibly informal that I just liked it and felt comfortable there. They did not have personal training that came with your gym membership, but they had a personal trainer they would recommend if you wanted to pay for it. they did not even offer semi-private Fitness training. It was simply a small room with weight machines and the occasional yoga classes in the evenings or on the weekends. It was just right for me, because Personal Fitness training, nutritional counseling, and fitness coaching were really not my cup of tea. That gym closed, however oh, and I have had different gym memberships since then, but I have never really done anything other than go swimming in the pools at the gym. Recently I had to have surgery, and my recovery was difficult. My surgeon informed me that if I had taken group physical training classes, had a gym membership that I used, and maybe got some nutritional counseling before the surgery, my recovery would have gone better. Now, don’t get me wrong, my recovery was not miserable. It was okay. But if I had done some weight lifting or a regular workout program beforehand, I most likely would have had a simpler recovery and a simpler surgery in general.


Semi-private fitness training