My Bike ride commute to work was stalled by inclement weather

I recently decided that my job was close enough to home for myself and others to save gas money by riding a bike to work.

  • Twelve miles is not so exhausting at all! With gas prices as high as they are getting, I practically was forced to make this adjustment.

Besides, it gets myself and others plenty of exercise! I decided that I needed to start doing this in the late Spring, and things were going quite decently. The trip to work was generally pleasant. I might be caught in a quick sunshower while biking back to the beach apartment in the afternoon, however that wasn’t so bad. Then, the summer time weeks came. Biking to the beach apartment at 4:30 in the afternoon every afternoon quickly became a toss-up between extreme heat and humidity and/or a violent thunder shower! I am a very stubborn person, so I stuck with my biking routine, however I became very grateful for the dehumidifier and air conditioner waiting for myself and others at home! On afternoons when I would come home drenched in sweat and panting, I would turn up the air, and have a big glass of ice-cold fizzy lemonade. The breezy air conditioner would cool myself and others down, and then I would have a nice, cool shower. Whenever I came beach apartment after getting caught in a brutal rainstorm, but, it was my dehumidifier in conjunction with my air conditioner that I was deeply grateful for, going to a nice, cool dry site after getting drowned like a rodent and bike riding the rest of the way through the heat, now impregnated with humidity, was a welcome bliss! I’ll keep the bike riding up, however I do not think what I’d do separate from my temperature control!
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