A fun place to visit, however not necessarily fun to live in

A lot of folks like to visit this state in the winter.

I suppose the local temperature bears a stark contrast to what they usually get up north.

It’s funny how all of us pine for the things that all of us do not get to experience on a normal basis. It’s also humorous how they may very well become stale with overexposure. A lot of folks want to take a vacation on beautiful sunny beaches during the winter. They long to hear the crashing waves and think the island breeze. However, I live in a very warm and humid locale with admittedly beautiful beaches. Let myself and others tell you, I would really like to have a Winter beach apartment somewhere where it’s nice and cold and snowing! The air conditioner bills that I get during the summer, and often during part of the Spring are astronomical! Yet, I still refuse to compromise when it comes to comfort. I am very willing to pay those bills and the single reason for respected air conditioner repair if it means that I will remain comfy in my home, no matter how warm or humid it is outside! When relatives or friends come over to visit, they often complain about how cold it is in my house. I keep nearly every room at a cool and constant 73 degrees. Moreover, at night, I drop the control equipment even further to 62! If any of my guests cannot handle it, I simply offer extra blankets and tell them to put on more layers. I may live in a very warm and humid part of the country, however I’ll be darned if I have to experience any discomfort in my own home!



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