My first job wasn't the greatest or best paying

When I was in high school, I had to figure out what career I wanted for my life.

Several of my friends wanted to go to college or get a degree in business.

Neither one of those options sounded like much fun to me. I met with a recruiter and I took a test that is supposed to tell you what you are good at. My test showed that I had excellent problem-solving skills. It also showed that I was likely going to do well in a job that had me working with my hands. The school counselor set me up with a couple of different career counselors. One of the counselors was from the technical school in the county next to this one. The technical school offered a variety of different programs such as plumbing, heating, and graphic art design. I thought working with my hands sounded like a lot of fun. There were openings in the HVAC repair classes. I decided that was a good place to start. The HVAC repair classes started a few weeks after my last class ended in high school. I didn’t get to spend the whole summer with my friends, like all of the other kids that went to college. The first job I got after finishing technical school wasn’t grade and it didn’t pay very well. I had to learn a lot about HVAC repair before I found a really good job. Now that I have been in the industry for 10 years, I can honestly say that going to technical school was the best decision that I ever made.


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