A childhood that had no A/C

I grew up in a small beachside apartment that did not have any form of temperature control.

  • Well, I suppose that’s not entirely accurate.

There were many ceiling fans, box fans, and all of us opened up the windows for fresh air every afternoon that was cool enough for it. My parents felt that installing a central heating and air system would be a frivolity; very unnecessary for our family. As I was growing up, I never thought much about the fact that all of us did not have central heating and air so I suppose I was cool with it, pun fully intended. The thing is, all of us lived in a very mild temperature. At the worst, in the Winter months all of us have the odd cold snap that would not last very long. Conversely, in the summer months, warm spells would last for a few afternoons and then things would return to the high 77s, quite honest uneven temperatures, since the humidity level was so low compared to other areas of the country. Put simply, all of us did not need central heating and air because all of us could still rely on the weather to be somewhat merciful the vast majority of the time when it came to comfort. I can still remember having cool summer mornings, on which all of us left the windows open to let the breeze through. My front entryway was perfectly cool and ventilated and the chirping of the crickets and croaking of the toads always put myself and others to sleep so sweetly! During the winter, all of us simply relied on the home’s insulation when things got a little too cold. All of us also wore extra layers and threw a few logs on the fire in the mornings every now and then.



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