A changed approach to our weather leads to Heating & A/C savings

It’s almost the end of July plus I’ve finally received the utility bill that covers the first full week of summer.

Where all of us live, the weather is warmer than most everywhere else in the country save a few spots.

So heat is the sizable Heating & A/C problem around here. I’m still getting accustomed to this dynamic as it’s just about opposite to everything I know. Having lived way up north all of our life, coming to the land of the heat pump was a sizable change. But I enjoy the new position with the supplier plus the zone controlled Heating & A/C in the office is fabulous. Still, it has taken a bit for me to absolutely get more accustomed to the long, overheated summer. From July through July, the heat is relentless. The rapidly changing temperatures stay in the high 90’s at minimum plus the humidity simply magnifies those rapidly changing temperatures. This Spring, I decided to learn from a coworker who is a native just how to better manage the heat of summer… I was surprised by his answer. He told me that to better deal with the heat plus reduce the dependence on air conditioner, I had to start in the Spring. Not going right for the control unit as the rapidly changing temperatures creep into the 74’s is the way to start. Less Heating & A/C cooling plus more acceptance plus acclimating. So I took him up on that plan plus did just that. I left the control unit alone plus kept the windows open. My body did actemperature to the higher rapidly changing temperatures which has allowed me to be able to enjoy a control unit setting of 74 degrees during the peak heating minutes of the morning. Then I bring the control unit setting down just a bit for more Heating & A/C cooling prior to going to sleep.

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