Just doing the basics has saved me sizable time on air conditioner

I’m sitting here looking at the utility bill plus I’m grinning.

Believe me, this is the first July that I’ve sat looking at the first full bill of summer time Heating & A/C cooling costs.

This is normally not the case. In fact, for years, I didn’t even want to go to the mailbox in the summer. Getting the utility bill was a budget crushing experience for me every single time. But this past Spring, I decided that it just didn’t have to be that way. I had complained since all of us moved down here about the high cost of air conditioner. Yet, I absolutely hadn’t done a thing to actively improve the situation either. The only thing I have consistently done each year that we’ve lived in this region is the Heating & A/C maintenance. I have gotten the air conditioner tune up done every Spring however that would be it when it comes to Heating & A/C cost saving strategies. So this year, I logged onto the Heating & A/C supplier website to get the essential when it comes to saving on Heating & A/C cooling. I started by replacing all the worn weather stripping plus then sealing up all the gaps on the exterior of the house. From there, I turned our attention to stopping the direct sunshine heating by installing some solar shades. Finally, I had to get straight with the control unit setting. There would be no more all air conditioner all the time. Instead, I l received how to program the control unit so all of us are never over cooling the house. It’s all paid off as I’m looking at at least a 25 percent savings over last year at this time.


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