No trouble getting a great workout with even better HVAC

Working out is not a natural state for me.

  • I’m more of a lazy bum natural state sort of person.

While I motivate to get my work done and done well inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office, I use up most of it doing that. I don’t have a super deep well of motivation when it comes to getting stuff done or being super productive. In my life, it’s important that I take things in, reflect and balance my life. For the longest time, I have tried to include exercise as part of the replenishment of energy and focus. But again, it’s both a motivation and comfort thing with me. Exercising itself is not something that I just champing at the bit to do. So I usually had to go straight from the zone controlled HVAC at the office to the gym. If I went home first, I would find a hundred reasons to do nothing but enjoy the air conditioning from the comfort of my recliner. Simply put, the gym just didn’t offer much comfort at all. I always felt so self conscious as well as physically uncomfortable in that gym. You walk in and are immediately hit with heat and humidity. The commercial HVAC must just not be able to keep up. Finally, I just gave up on the gym but I couldn’t give up on exercise as it really is important to my health and well being. That’s what led me to call the HVAC company and have the HVAC professionals install a ductless heat pump in my basement. That’s where my new home gym is and let me tell you, I’m finally motivated each day to get in a workout.

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