Allergies are no match for air purification

When I was little, I couldn’t understand just why I wasn’t outside as much as other kids.

The main reason was my allergies.

That kept me inside the air conditioning of our home on days when the pollen was really high. Of course, pollen makes its way inside to the quality heating and air of the house as well. But not at the levels one gets when you have your face in the grass. It was tough because the allergy meds available to me back then just put me to sleep. So either way, I was going to be inside the HVAC security of the house during high pollen days. I grew out of a lot of my childhood behaviors and traits. But I never outgrew the tree and grass pollen allergy. Of course, I live in a region where there are high pollen days many times of the year as so much is blooming from spring through fall. But the worst, by far, is the early spring. Those days can just be miserable for me. Again, the meds are sure helpful but most of them leave me a bit dulled and not as cognitively on top of it as I like to be. So it’s a tough balance of medication and trying to be sharp inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. Still, I just longed for an allergy refuge. Thanks to the good folks at the HVAC company, my home is now that refuge. We now have a whole home air purification system that works inside the HVAC equipment. It actually destroys the pollen particles in the air with intense UV light. So there is no pollen in the air while the HVAC unit is running. And it is wonderful.
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