I have a ton of bizarre air conditioner machines

People are genuinely going to suppose I am weird, but I have several bizarre heating and s.

Most people only have 1, or maybe 2 as a back up. But I have multiple. You can kind of call myself and others a collector of sorts, I know what a weird thing to collect. But it started out with a portable heating and I had in our dorm room back in school… Pretty much almost everyone knew that the heating and air conditioner in that school sucked, and so it was not unusual for people to buy their own portable heating systems or air conditioners. I bought 1, and when I graduated from school, I brought it with me. I then lived in an house that had a absolutely exhausting window air conditioner, and so I absolutely bought a window air conditioner myself, a much nicer 1. And since I had bought it, when I moved out I took it with me. Once I finally had our own home, I had a central a/c device and a gas fireplace. Which brought our number up to 4. Finally though, our last is when I heard about radiant heated flooring. I just knew I had to provide it a try, and so I had our bathroom and dining room floors fitted with heated flooring. Needless to say, I don’t suppose I will ever be cold or hot again! I absolutely occasionally will sell off excess Heating and A/C technology I don’t need, like air conditioner filters, dial thermostats and at 1 point an air purification system.

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