Heating, Ventilation and A/C vents were incredibly dirty

I observed that every now and then, our Heating, Ventilation and A/C vents will be incredibly dirty. Now admittedly, I don’t pay that much attention to our heating and cooling air vents, and maybe I should, but I have been taking a lot more notice of them as of recently. Within the last few weeks, I have made sure to take time out of every few weeks or so, to wipe the air conditioner vents until they are white and dust free. However, it wouldn’t be long before they would be back to dusty and dirty. I knew that if I wanted them to stay clean, that I would have to make it a official chore of mine, and I made sure to start cleaning them every month instead of waiting so long. With cleaning them every week, I easily saw improvement, not only were the air vents now clean, but I saw less hair and dust particles floating through the air, which was nice. I also observed the indoor air conditions seems to have gone up as well, because our house in general feels a lot better after that. It’s hard to suppose all of that was caused from just cleaning the air vents more often. It makes myself and others wonder what else I could do to further improve our environment and air conditions. Maybe I should get a duct cleaning with a professional heating and air conditioner dealer. Because however I am cleaning the outside air vents, I am missing the inside. I am sure the air duct is pretty dirty by now, and that might help keep things cleaner for ever longer.

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