Why I like having things delivered to me

Having things personally delivered to you is so convenient, I am not sure why people still continue to go to the physical store.

I believe I can understand if you need to see something plus test it out, like a new bed.

But let me give you several examples. I used to walk down to our favorite fast food location not too far from here. It was about a 2 mile walk, which isn’t too bad, however the heat in the summertime was. In any other season I didn’t mind the walk, however whenever it was Summer I wanted to practically sprint back home to get some enjoyable air conditioner. However, the fast food location started offering delivery, plus I have never looked back. It is so much more convenient to decide that you want to eat out, hastily order things on your phone plus then have it delivered less than an hour later. I care about it. Another enjoyable example is ordering online, however just recently when I went to change out the air filter, I realized I was all out! Unfortunately, the kind of air filters I have aren’t like HEPA air filters or like a washable filter, once I was out I had to get a new 1. Instead of going down to the Heating plus A/C store, I decided to buy them online, at a local heating plus a/c dealer that is known for their fast shipping. It was shipped the same afternoon I bought it, plus was delivered by tomorrow night. Man I just care about buying things having them delivered straight to you.


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