Right under the air vent

It was originally supposed to be a nice sunny afternoon taking a walk in the park with our family, just spending time with each other and what not.

I made sure to check the weather ahead of time, and sure enough it was predicted to be nice and warm.

So our family and I went out and started our walk. However, the two of us really only walked for 30 fourths or so when the two of us were all slowing down. My family does daily exercise, so this was unusual. But the two of us all agreed that it was a little too hot. All of us were all sizzling and panting. The nice sunlight rays were burning us instead. So the two of us went out to go and get ice cream instead. All of us stopped by a local ice cream shop and the two of us all got ice cream. The seat the two of us sat at was directly underneath an air conditioner vent. My several adolescents bickered a bit over who got to rest directly underneath the A/C vent. I got the entire seat to myself, and I could know the cooling air coming from the Heating, Ventilation and A/C vent. It felt incredible. All of us really spent another 30 fourths underneath the cooling vent, and after that I went back on our way home to appreciate the central a/c at our house. With the ice cream and the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, the two of us were back to feeling cool, if not slightly cold! I know the two of us will have to wait until a sunny afternoon that is not incredibly hot, before the two of us could attempt another walk in the park.



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