My associate didn’t think me

I am a man that has experience with numerous odd work fields.

One of our earliest was heating and cooling, as I originally wanted to be a heating and cooling professional.

However, I could never quite make up our mind, and so I only stayed as a Heating & Air Conditioning specialist for 3 years. Then I moved onto plumbing. Anyways, since I did have experience repairing heating and a/cs, it wasn’t unproper for our friends to ask for our help. I didn’t mind helping them, repairing the Heating & Air Conditioning units helps keep our brain active. However, a single time our associate and I got into a sizable fight and I ended up leaving the get-together a bit early. Not long after the two of us made up and he asked me to help him with the heating system system. It wasn’t heating the current home love it should. I went over, saw a fairly minor issue and repaired it. That seemed to repair the furnace for a little while however then it quit working. My associate then accused me of still being mad and purposely messing up his heating unit! I was enraged! How dare he accuse me of purposely messing up his Heating & Air Conditioning device, when I had known him for years and repaired his cooling system and furnace several times? I was so miserable I saw red, and I had to leave for a while. I don’t guess if I can speak to him after this, I am so miserable, and did it ever cross his mind that his Heating & Air Conditioning device might have had numerous problems, and that just maybe I missed a single of those problems?


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